Euberia - A Safe Haven from Persecution

By their volume the asylum seekers are causing immense problems for many EU members. The Danes are trying to do something about it. The Swedes are still without means of deflecting the waves of people seeking protection or a just a better life.

 The recent proposal of the British Prime Minister to create "safe havens" in the neighbourhood of the refugee-producing countries should be seen in that respect. His idea makes sense. The flow of people seeking a better life in Europe will not decrease, considering the population growth. In fact there are 200.000 human beings more on this planet every day (see Europe - with the exception of the Albanians - has no growth in its population, and seems by its standard of living as a heaven for people from poor crowded areas of the world. Professional human-smugglers make huge profit on these desperate people. Willing gentlemen of the legal profession share the treasures.

But instead of safe havens in the neigbourhoods we could go for a more radical solution. The European Union could, with the Commission as a guarantee, lease an area on a long-term manner - a Euberia. Preferable in north Africa, with a piece of coast in the Mediteranean. To that area the asylum seekers to the EU should be transferred.

They would not have the EU standard of living,ut they would be protected from hunger and persecution according to the Geneva convention for refugees.

The initial cost for building a civilization in the sand will certainly be high. But the alternative of not doing it is worse as the EU members, in one way or another, will have to stop the flow of asylum seekers who with their volume of unskilled people, militant strange religions, and many criminals, is threatening to wreck the old societies.

Fresh water and electric power are issues that would have to be solved, but there is plenty of energy from the sun in that area, and there is water in the Mediteranean. So the conditions for making fresh water are met. The merchant navies of the world have used that technique for decades. And sun energy can also be used to generate electric power. There is room for innovation and initative!

All the good people of the EU countries would be free to make contributions of their own to a higher standard for the Euberian inhabitants, to the improvement of schools and hospitals.

The member state savings would be considerable. The whole asylum welfare apparatus with its investigations, special solicitors, and lodgeing, could be winded up, and it would be more difficult for touring criminals to operate when they cannot hide behind the asylum status.

Euberia might well have a colonial government. Should humans be protected from persecution there have to be means of suppressing maffia establishment, religious fanatism and tendencies to clan rule. The Euberian police force should be adapted to the situation.

Attempts for an Euberian self support could be simple lego industries and manufacturing. Those seeking a better life away from a hopeless situation at home are often energetic and enterprising people. This would give them a chance to participate in the building of the new EU protectorate, they could gain experience and skill to make them attractive as immigrants to EU.

A migration office ought to be set up in Euberia, primarily to handle work-force immigration to EU, but also to aid the asylum seekers to migrate to countries outside EU. In other cases the situation in the home land might be stabilized and the people needs support to return home.